Joseph Gordon-Levitt Understands the Real Reason Everyone Loves Basketball

While Joseph Gordon-Levitt is busy checking out the Laker Girls, you should check out today's winning captions.

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the court" - Dominic

"look her in the eye... Do NOT look at her boobs. AVOID THE BOOBS." - Loni

"No tits, No Ass.....just the way I like it!" - Julie

"Seriously I really did come to watch the game." - Anna

"Damn should have added her to my list in don Jon!" - Sakom

"She's the only reason I'm still a Lakers fan. She is hot...but the team is not!" - Heather

"I'll take 2 pom poms and a side of legs please" - Debbie

"Robin chooses his new side kick" - Jillian

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