Books Made More ***Flawless With Beyoncé and Other Funny Things

Do you love Beyoncé? Do you love Game of Thrones? Then you are going to love this week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup, which features a lot of both Beyoncé (always hot) and Game of Thrones (returning this weekend to an HBO/torrent site near you). We begin, of course, with Beyoncé-fied book titles and covers, created by BuzzFeed but inspired by @GrandCentralPub’s #BeyonceBooks trend. And that’s just the appetizer.

More #BeyonceBooks (and even more at the source):

The guys who did that amazing Dunkin’ Donuts parody of “Drunk in Love” are back with an In-n-Out parody of “Partition.”

BuzzFeed brings you some amazing pop culture venn diagrams for all of you charts ‘n graphs nerds.

We’ve already established that you love Game of Thrones, but we also know that you love Emoji. And that’s why you’ll love this:

It’s Game of Thrones: The Musical!

Hope you had a ***flawless time here today, my friends. Enjoy the premiere of Game of Thrones. Enjoy listening to Beyoncé for the 7,694 time. See you next week.