In Honor of Amanda Bynes’ Birthday, Here Are 7 of Her Best Sketches from ‘The Amanda Show’

Today Amanda Bynes turns 28 and what better way to celebrate than to turn the clock back and look at some of her most memorable sketches from The Amanda Show. The Amanda Show ran on Nickelodeon from 1999 to 2002 and any millennial worth his/her salt will remember these recurring characters of Bynes’.

Judge Trudy and the Dancing Lobsters

Perhaps her most classic character, Judge Trudy was a parody of Judge Judy with some equally questionable courtroom behavior.

Penelope Taynt

Penelope was Amanda’s biggest fan/stalker. Of note, her fan page is still active.

Amanda’s Jacuzzi

Moody’s Point

Moody’s Point is a pretty hysterical parody of Dawson’s Creek. The episodes aired in pieces throughout each Amanda Show episode, but it’s been strung together in this YouTube clip.

The Girls’ Room

The Dare Show

Hillbilly Moment

And as a bonus, here’s a clip of Kathie Lee Gifford on the show, playing a ventriloquist named Princess Whiff.