Kim Kardashian vs. Brandon Jenner: Whose Hair Flip is Sexier?

Kim's Bikini Body
Kim Kardashian looks hotter than ever on her vacay.
Yesterday Kim Kardashian took the opportunity to provide us with two awkward sexy (and v v wet) videos: One which we shared with you already and another which took only the hair flip portion of the first and repeated over and over again three times (as if watching it once wasn’t enough).

I’m pretty sure Kim posted the second thinking it was a super sexified video… But in reality, it resembled what I would assume sounds like whales having sex.

You can decide for yourself:

She captioned the video, “I’m in it.”  (In what? The pool? Love with Kanye? A whale’s vagina?)

Her step brother Brandon Jenner obviously agreed with me and found her post pretty hilarious as well, taking to Instagram to share his own version of a sexified hair flip.  He captioned the video, “We all know who’s the hottest @KimKardashian.”

LOL.  He definitely has my vote!!

This isn’t the first dramatic video the reality star has posted from her Thailand vacay.  While the rest of the family was having fun snapping photos together, Kim shared a montage of herself (alone) in a bikini while on a boat, letting her hair blow in the wind ever so glamorously.

I’m just hoping we get some more of these gems.

So what do you think?  Who’s hair flip is sexier: Kim’s or Brandon’s?

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