Listen to ‘Days in the East,’ Drake’s Song About Rihanna

Just 24 hours after letting us all know that Jennifer Lawrence can “get it,” Drake has released another new song, “Days in the East.” It’s probably about Rihanna.

Let’s consider the lyrical evidence:

  • Told you about giving him chances and chances and chances: Probably a reference to Chris Brown
  • Ain’t the first time cause I’ve lost you before: Rihanna and Drake have dated previously
  • Waking up in Amsterdam with the boy: The two were recently in Amsterdam together
  • There’s also a Chanel reference: Rihanna wears Chanel all the time and just recently made an appearance on the runway at Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week show

Also there’s a quick sample of Rihanna’s “Stay” right there in the middle.

You can listen to the song here:

Looks like Rihanna and Drake part deux is really happening!

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