Lorde Explains Why She Doesn’t Like Smiling in Photo Shoots

Gabrielle Chung / April 3, 2014

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Despite her obsession with singing about teeth, Lorde actually doesn’t like cracking a smile for photographers during shoots.

In her recent interview with Canada’s FASHION magazine, the “Team” songstress explains just why she prefers to be stoic — or goth’d out — in her signature dark lipstick.

“I’m drawn to women who aren’t painted in history as sweet figures,” she says while discussing the pressures of being a celebrity. “Patti Smith was prickly. She was frustrated. She didn’t take people’s sh*t. There’s no better music idol for young women, because there is a lot of pressure for us to be really positive all the time. Every photo shoot I do, I get asked for big smiles, and I shouldn’t have to be that way.”

The 17-year-old adds that youths — such as herself — are very underrated. (See, the future does look promising!)

“I think young people have changed the way we view pop culture … we now have this discerning power,” she explains. “We all have Tumblers, we curate imagery every day. We can sniff out bullsh*t faster.”

Not going to lie, I’d be 100 percent okay if the world was just full of Lordes.