Sorry Ladies, Tom Daley is Gay and Not Bisexual

Tom Daley is Taken
Tom Daley reveals his in a relationship with a man.
Tom Daley made headlines last year when he released an emotional YouTube video to tell his loyal fans that he was bisexual, but the Olympian now has made a new announcement, confirming that he is actually gay.

Speaking on iTV’s comedy celebrity panel game show, Celebrity Juice with host Jonathan Ross, the 19-year-old Speedo clad heartthrob of the diving pool, admitted that he isn’t bisexual, and set the record straight (so to speak), by declaring: “I’m a gay man now.”

When asked by Ross if he knew he knew his brother, who is gay, the cheeky Daley replied, “It’s not like a community where we all sit down and we learn each other’s names – it’s not like the AA.”

Daley told Ross the reason behind his coming out was his relationship with Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, 39.

The couple were recently spotted shopping at Westfield Stratford City Mall in London, where Dustin was photographed affectionately fixing Tom’s hair as the pair stood on an escalator.

When asked why he chose to come out publicly on YouTube, Daley said, “I did it on YouTube because I wanted to be able to say what I wanted to say on my own terms without anyone twisting anything.”

I’m just happy that Tom is finally completely comfortable in his own skin.



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