Friday Fashion Flashback: Snooki’s Maternity Style

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We are elated over Snooki‘s baby announcement!

Since the soon-to-be mommy of two has become a little fashionista, we’re secretly hoping she’s preggers with a girl!  How cute would it be to have another leopard-clad mini meatball in the world?!

While we wait to find out more about the little nugget, I decided there’s no better time to dedicate an edition of Friday Fashion Flashback to Snooki and her maternity style!

We can all admit her fashion sense has evolved quite a bit since her first pregnancy, so this time around is sure to be much more stylish. However, from platform sandals to skinny jeans, I don’t think we’ll ever forget some of Snooki’s questionable choices while pregnant with Lorenzo

Launch the gallery above to see for yourself!