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Oculus, a horror movie starring Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites, hits theaters Friday, April 11. To celebrate its release, we're giving away a $250 Amex gift card and some amazing Oculus swag. Great news, right? Even better news: it's almost too easy to enter.

1) Leave a comment on this post telling us about your scariest childhood memory. If you have multiple scary memories, feel free to leave multiple comments!

2) When leaving your comment(s), make sure you are logged in using a valid email address! We will contact the winner via email next week.

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Remember, all you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling us about your scariest childhood memory! Best of luck to everyone!



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  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan

    when i was growing up as a kid i felt scared knowing that when i became a man i would win this contest

  • Anna Pry
    Anna Pry

    when i was a kid, my great grandmother lived with us and i was in the room alone with her when she died, it really freaked me out

  • ewhatley

    It wasn't ghosts or zombies, it was mud. I had a short 2-block walk to school and when I was about 7 or 8, about 1/2 block of the road was not paved. After a heavy rain, I walked down the center of the very muddy road instead of safely walking on the sidewalk. I was wearing my little rain boots and it didn't take many steps for me to be completely stuck, unable to pull either of my feet out of the mud, which was like quicksand. I was terrified and alone and started screaming. Finally a man from one of thenearby houses came to my rescue and pulled me out, leaving my rain boots stuck in the mud.. He took me to his home, where his wife wrapped me in a blanket and called my mother at work.

  • Ronald Oliver
    Ronald Oliver

    When I was a kid, I had a really scary encounter with a ghost! It was on an early Saturday afternoon, I was outside, by my back door, playing. And about twenty feet in front of me, I had seen in a flash (which lasted only a few seconds) what appeared to be a very odd looking person who had moved really quickly in front of me between the apartment complex carport area, it was coming from the far end of the carport area going across to the other end of the apartment building. It looked as though it was sliding across the ground! It was all black and it looked as if it had a hood over its head. It looked really strange! I couldn't see any facial features, arms or skin, etc. The best way to describe what I saw was a black shadowy being, a three dimensional silhouette! It did however, have two legs, but I didn't see it's feet..maybe that explains why it was sliding along the ground and not walking! Then it just vanished! Scared! I quickly ran back inside!

  • Anna Pry
    Anna Pry

    one time i hid behind the couch when my parents were watching 'It" late at night, big mistake!

  • Anna Pry
    Anna Pry

    its pretty scary as a kid if you lose sight of mom at the store and think you're lost for a minute

  • Anna Pry
    Anna Pry

    when i woke up in the middle of the night and thought the shadows on my blanket were swarms of ants

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    My scariest childhood memory comes from a horrible dream I had about Freddy Krueger. I still remember it very vividly after all these years.

  • Tierney McClary
    Tierney McClary

    The night marchers are very scary - when you hear the drums softly then louder and louder -

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    I work in an antique store and it is haunted. In the backroom, you can hear things moving and sometimes something falls. Spooky!

  • Jessica Sue Whitehouse
    Jessica Sue Whitehouse

    I saw a ghost boy walk past me in our house when I was about 13. That house was haunted with a variety of interesting spirits... there were always strange noises and things moving without explaination... we only lived there about a year before we had to move across town.

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    One night my boyfriend and I had car trouble. It was very late and raining. No cell phones just phone booths. While he was gone looking for a pay phone, I stayed in the car. A scary old lady who looked homeless, kept knocking on the car window and wouldn't leave me alone. I was so scared. My boyfriend finally came back and the woman left.

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    When I was 5, I was getting ready for school. My mom had to leave for a bit. I had curlers in my hair which were stuck and tangled. I was so scared she wouldn't get home in time to take them out before I left for school.

  • kwilson887

    when I saw Chucky at my friend's house

  • wick403

    I was just thinking about this particular scary childhood memory: episodes of sleep paralysis that made it look as though my dolls and stuffed animals were cradling their heads in their arms, all while glaring at me in menace. Of course, with sleep paralysis you can't cry out, or move really - you can only stare back in horror.

  • sarahcool

    Well one of my scariest moments in life was when I was in my teens I was looking at the car next to me, there was a man and a woman in the car and the woman started staring at me. I casually said something like "That weirdo in the next car is staring at me" to my mom so she looked over then started looking at the other cars around us. I told her the one to the right of us and she looked at me for a second and said "there isnt a woman in that car" , It was pretty creepy because I still remember all the details of the woman so I know that I saw her.

  • heavensangel2387

    Another scary moment as a child was when everything was off in my room. I walked in the room and the TV came on. What was so scary is that it was a blue static screen instead of a normal black static screen. I ran out. As I walked back in, the TV turned off. The remote was right beside the bed the whole time. I still have no clue what happened.

  • heavensangel2387

    Something scary, to me as a kid, was when my mom left me at my grandparents house!! I hated it. It always was cold, smelled like moth balls, and freaked me out. They never had the same great food that my mom had. I would get so home sick. It was scary at night when the lights were off. I suppose I am a little afraid of the dark. It was very scary without my mom staying over at other people's homes. I guess I just love my mom and our home.

  • heavensangel2387

    I remember my best friend lived about 3 houses down from mine. At night time, I would walk him to his front door,... and he would always turn off the front porch light. I would run as fast as I could back to my house. I always felt like someone was going to grab me. Haha, I was 7 at the time. To me, the darkness was scary!!

  • heavensangel2387

    When I was about 2 years old, I was walking outside. I fell into the Jacuzzi. I do not remember this much, but I feel as if I remember trying to swim. I was too short to touch the bottom. My mom ran out after me and jumped in with her clothes on. That was scary! Faithrains2387 (At)

  • Sky Evans
    Sky Evans

    Once, when I was little, I thought we were in a car crash.

  • Fleming Dria
    Fleming Dria

    1. earliest scariest childhood memory is my mother telling me that my dads first wife spirit was in the attic/closet of the house we were living in. Yeah I was afraid to walk pass the attic/closet which was at the top of the stairs. I was 7..who does that... 2, I was playing hide and seek and there was a refrigerator that I locked myself in, I thought I was never going to get out. Luckily someone found me screaming and kicking. I thought i would be able to get myself out.

  • eaglesforjack

    I was in first grade baby sitter forgot to pick me up from school. I waited for a long time I was over looked and everyone left. I tried to remember my way home. I ended up very lost cold scared crying it really sticks with you. My mom was out looking for me lucky a kind person found me and I was taken home. Needless to say the babysitter was fired that day.

  • Rosie Britton
    Rosie Britton

    I had a life size doll named Susie. I dreamed that she was real & I was always afraid of her after that.

  • Daniel Ganus
    Daniel Ganus

    After watching some serial killer movie on tv, the power went out and I was outside with my mom and my brother jumped out at us and literally nearly had a heartattack.

  • Thomas Chappell
    Thomas Chappell

    When I was little I saw Childs Play and I had a My buddy toy. After I saw that movie I no longer wanted the freaky toy! It scared the _____ out of me!

  • dannwo

    When I was little, my family visited an abandoned stagecoach hotel. As we walked around it, a little boy, dressed up in old clothing, suddenly appeared and began just following us around. He never said a word but, just continued to follow us. As we finished up and walked outside, we didn't noticed that not only did the little boy follow us out but...he just vanished. This stagecoach hotel was situated in the middle of a large piece of land so, there was no where for him to either run or hide. We searched all around; including going back inside the hotel.....he wasn't anywhere to be found.

  • Renee Zadok
    Renee Zadok

    The scariest thing that ever happened to me, was when I was about 15. Where I live there is an abandoned hospital. Me & some of my friends decided it would be a good idea to see what was inside. We go in & all the light we have is from the screens of our phones. There was graffiti everywhere & it was pitch black. We walked through the hospital & heard screaming. I said we should leave & call the cops, but we had no service so we decided to go through the hospital & see if we found whoever screamed for help. I tried to scream to the voice, petrified I might add, where are you? I heard nothing. I told my friends we should go but they insisted we search for the voice. I said ok. After about 2 min I heard the voice screaming in a room we just passed. My friends made me go into the room first and as I opened the door, a person flew at me screaming (I think I screamed so loud I woke up the entire neighborhood). Who you ask jumped at me, my best friend who said they were too scared to go!

  • Lo Key
    Lo Key

    my scariest childhood memory is when I was 7. I have two older sisters and we were home alone. we had this great idea to play hide and seek in the dark and as a child being in the dark without your parents around is terrifying. so we were hiding and I was hiding in my mom's closet. when I went inside I was all excited until I began to wait and the darkness began to creep up on me and although I'm sure I was in there for a couple minutes it felt like forever. and I could swear I was hearing voices talking that didn't belong to anyone I knew. I started moving around to get comfortable when I placed my hand on something that felt like a face. I ran out screaming and continued screaming until my sister's cane to my rescue. it was my moms practice head that she used for her cosmetology courses. I never went back into that closet.

  • Alex Kartman
    Alex Kartman

    Feeling lost at the supermarket when my mom left me in the candy aisle.

  • Amanda Whitley
    Amanda Whitley

    i think my scariest was sleeping at a friend's house and watching childs play when i was wayy too young and still had dolls

  • Ronda Marsalek Patrick
    Ronda Marsalek Patrick

    My scariest childhood memory was a repetitive dream.... We lived in the suburbs, and had a walkway out the front that angled 90 degrees. My dream over and over was me looking out the front door and seeing that sidewalk straight out to the road. At the end where the road should have been....Were people standing around an open grave... I never did figure out why I had that dream over and over, apparantly I was scared of death?? Just weird how many times I had the same dream...

  • H.e. Deluna
    H.e. Deluna

    Too many to choose from. Let's just say the movie Jaws kept me out of many a swimming pool.

  • hembrey1

    You don't want to know my scariest childhood memory, my parents were abusive and it would traumatize you..

  • brendalis

    But then I found out that that room was used for witchcraft like many years ago. And when another family moved in, they put their baby's room there and the ceiling fell on the crib but thank god the baby wasn't there. And my grandma would hear voices and nothing would grow in the yard and if was plain creepy. I'm glad we moved out.

  • brendalis

    So my grandma decides to take my brother and I took my uncle's room to do something when all of a sudden the lights go out in his room and I call her and she's gone so I'm with my brother when all of a sudden the door to this closet opens and closes and I run to my mom and she says that my grandma wasn't even home. So I'm still freaked out especially since I heard foot steps above me even though no one lived upstairs.

  • brendalis

    I have quite a few but okay we used to live in this house and I'm pretty sure it was haunted but anyway it had a lot of rooms. So my grandma

  • Abeera Hassan
    Abeera Hassan

    Going on vacations to grandmas house were the worst. She lived all alone in a three-story house and the first floor always freaked me out. One time i heard my grandma say to my mother 'they don't trouble me much, they just stay downstairs' and she had no tenants, ever.

  • Kayla Humphrey
    Kayla Humphrey

    hearing loud, creepy growls & howls outside of my window in the middle of the night. i ran as fast as i could to my dad's room.

  • traymona

    The scariest moment was when I was 10 years old and got left at school until 8PM. All by myself.

  • winterfan3

    Another one of my scariest childhood memories was when I wasn't sure if I would ever make it home from elementary school since the bus I was on got stuck in the snow during a bad snowstorm. That was a really frightening day, too.

  • winterfan3

    One of my scariest childhood memories was when my dad overcooked pork he was making and almost burned down our house. I was absolutely petrified especially as smoke started to fill the house.

  • Patrick Malone
    Patrick Malone

    I was separated from my parents on a crowded Summer day in Disney World while crossing a pedestrian bridge. I was screaming and crying and a Disney security person saw me and took me to the closest first aid station, they gave me ice cream and searched for my lost parents and reunited us.

  • sdeas

    Being a passenger in a car that was struck by a driver who was driving while high on drugs. That guy was scary ... and was in control of a deadly weapon -- his car

  • madeas

    I could tell you, but it might scare you, too

  • ajoy1332

    My scariest moment was seeing some night shadows through window and hearing strange noises.

  • bourkebabe

    Almost drowning when I was about 7....a lady saw me fall off a peer and saved me!

  • Soph Semin
    Soph Semin

    Tripping over my sister and breaking my arm. Pain was unbearable, unrationale 7 year old me thought I would die! haha

  • wickedd

    ABOUT 50 YEARS AGO-- A -mailman found me unconscIous. Being only 10, I musta hit my head when I fell off bike. WAS i terrified when I AWOKE in/at HOSPITAL. HAD DOUBLE SKULL FRACTURE.

  • aloha1127

    Getting hit by a car while riding my bike. Did not get hurt but the the driver of the car was more freaked out than I was.

  • susitravl

    A boy on a bicycle chased me home from school.

  • Jen Myllymaki
    Jen Myllymaki

    I used to have awful dreams about Skeletor from Thundercats. They scared the crap outme!

  • rosetoots

    night shadows that made it look like a tall thin man in the house and I could not scream

  • Michael Perkins
    Michael Perkins

    FELL ABOUT 25 FEET OUT OF OUR TREE when I was about 5-6.

  • Colleen Boudreau
    Colleen Boudreau

    When I got lost in the grocery store when I was about 4 years old.

  • dina72

    When I was around 7 years old, I became very sick and passed out. I woke up at the hospital. I was so scared because it was my first time at a hospital.

  • Stephanie Grant
    Stephanie Grant

    My scariest childhood memory was when I was about 7 years old and we were setting at my grandmothers kitchen table playing a card game and all of sudden the bedroom door down the hall swung open really hard and a pair of socks (in a ball) came flying out of the bedroom and turned over like three glasses over on the table and there was no one in the bedroom or anyone else in the house that wasn't at the table with us.

  • jmcharries

    One time when I was very small I walked around a flea market with my mom and somehow ended up walking around with some other lady because I only saw her legs. Eventually, I looked up and realized it wasn't my mom and couldn't find her. Pretty scary for a young boy

  • jmcharries

    When I was a child I saw a commercial for 'Hard Copy' about "Killer the Clown" around the same time one of my parents was taking a class and had to study John Wayne Gacy. This all came together to give me a terror of clowns that I kind of still have today

  • Laurie Thompson
    Laurie Thompson

    Being attached by the neighbor's dog

  • traymona

    When my brother and I almost drown.

  • Linda Brooks
    Linda Brooks

    My cousin almost drowned at the beach

  • ambermiller86

    my scariest memory was getting chased by a deer while camping because he thought I was teasing him when I was eating cheetos

  • Tierney McClary
    Tierney McClary

    Scary memory - when I was a kid somehow I got a marble stuck up my nose and had to go to the emergency room to get it removed. Yuck.

  • Tierney McClary
    Tierney McClary

    Scariest memory - one weekend there was a killer loose in our neighborhood. Everyone was instructed to stay indoors. Police barricades at all entrances. Crazy scary weekend - but he was caught.

  • Aly Morell
    Aly Morell

    Our house burned down when I was five; I still remember waking up to tons of smoke and crawling out of the house on my hands and knees. I am terrified of fire to this day.

  • Melissa Malland-Erwin
    Melissa Malland-Erwin

    I was 6 when the Movie "Childs Play" came out on VHS at the local video store. I enjoyed getting out of bed at night ALOT. My wicked Mother asked the Video Store for the cardboard Chucky cutout from the cardboard display. Yep, she put that little shit in the hallway outside my room at night so I would stop getting up. I am 34 years old, and I still can't think about that movie without shuddering.

  • Sean Newcamp
    Sean Newcamp

    i also wasnt a big fan of when my sisters would go outside my window and scratch it with tree branches and whisper my name and stuff like were going to get you i cried the first few times

  • Sean Newcamp
    Sean Newcamp

    another time was when my dad cut his hand open with a putty knife when he was fixing the door and i was the only one home there was blood everywhere and he was telling me to call 911 then dont call my mom he was almost more histerical then i was. eventually we got him to the hospital though and he had cut right through his tendon and had to get it surgically sewn back together

  • Sean Newcamp
    Sean Newcamp

    my worst memory of childhood was this Shepard dog that was our neighbors dog. the darn dog got out and chased me to my elementary school almost everyday. to this day i don't like Shepard dogs because of it

  • Amy Orvin
    Amy Orvin

    My scariest childhood moment was when my brother was on the top bunk and I was on the bottom and he opened the closet door from the top with his hand. I didn't see his hand and thought the door opened by itself.

  • Livivua C. Chandler
    Livivua C. Chandler

    My scariest childhood memory is the first time I saw the wizard of oz. I was very scared for a long time of the green wicked witch. email: yes.4eva.r(atgmaildotcom)

  • kathrinep

    My scariest memory was when I was 11 and Hurricane Katrina hit.

  • Elena Istomina
    Elena Istomina

    the scariest memory was finding a spider in my bed

  • Tashia Gilbert
    Tashia Gilbert

    My scariest memory is going to the emergency room to get a bead out of my ear

  • libby3360

    My scariest memory is of being Catholic school. We would help take out the candle sticks out of the old church next door to our school and clean them out. One day about five of us kids were taking the candle sticks back in and replace them in their place. As we were walking out, the candle sticks all crashed to the floor and scared the life out of us, We ran screaming out of the church. To this day, no one can explain why the candle sticks, which were all in different areas, crashed to the ground at the same time. Spooky.

  • buttmuffin19

    my sister let me watch "trilogy of terror" when i was very small- to this day i am terrified of that doll...

  • chatterboxrose

    One of my scariest memories was actually having this reoccurring dream where I was with the devil and then the walls of the dream started closing in on my and getting smaller and then I would wake up in my room and feel like it was really happening.

  • kellyr78

    One of my scariest childhood moments was when my family took me tubing in a river. I was about 5 and sitting on my mom's lap and she was having difficulty getting us to shore. I have a home video of me screaming that we were going to die! haha

  • miireyaa

    Mine would probably be when my cousins told the story of "La Llorona" and we were staying at a house next to a lake at the time, so that made it even scarier for me.

  • themattlugoshow

    My scariest childhood memory was hearing Michael Bolton music coming from my parents' bedroom.

  • rayraycartucci

    Here is my second and last scary memory from childhood.I went to a catholic school as a kid and everyone including the teachers were afraid of the old convent next to our school.The convent had some real history to it. It was a mansion when it was built buy the founder of our town but his only son drowned in the pond behind the house and his wife committed suicide. So,he gave it to the church for the nuns but the nuns eventually moved out too. So our school started having a few classes in that building.I had one very bad experience in that convent....I was in the room where the math tutor class was being held and the teacher was there with 2 other kids.....suddenly a broom from a corner moved 10 feet across the floor and right into a window which cracked and we all went running down stairs and out of the building....including the teacher.HA!

  • rayraycartucci

    One really hot summer night when I was 5 I was sleeping on the couch in my grandparents living grandfather had the windows open and the front door was open except for the screen door which was closed.My grandfather was sitting in a rocking chair while I slept because I was sick as usual. The scary thing that happened that night was a drunk man wondered up and kicked our screen door in.....he came into the house!! He rambled on for just a second and then took off little grandfather went after him but never caught him.We were never sure why this man came into the house or what he said to us exactly...but I was scared to sleep for years after that.