Justin Bieber Acts Like an A**hole at His Hometown Walmart

Read An Eyewitness’s Account Of Biebs’ Bad Boy Behavior… Yet Again

Bieber at Walmart
Ever since Justin Bieber sighed, slept and showed off his overly-inflated sense of self during these recently leaked depositions, the cat’s obviously out of the bag, so he just really doesn’t give a s**t about acting like a normal human being.

If fact, the norm has now become Bieber getting away with abhorrent behavior.

But one man doesn’t see his actions as beyond reproach. In fact, Mike Malcho claims to have run into the 20-year-old singer at Walmart in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario and took to Facebook to vent his disgust for the pint-size pop star.

Using words like “little prick”, “grow up", “throwing things", “goons”, and “disappointment", Malcho describes the Canadian crooner's discount shopping spree from hell.

Here's his full rant in full effect:

And if you missed Bieber's infamous deposition sit-down, check out the exclusive Celebuzz video below.



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  • Robert Kimball
    Robert Kimball

    Hard to believe Beiber acts like this out in public. He and Miley are supposed to be role models for young kids. Oh my! And in both cases, their parents seem to accept their antics as OK. As a reetired educator, I am so thankful I never had either of these two young people in my classroom or my school. Perhaps what they both needed as youngsters was a few swats on their behind from their parents!!! I know they bring gobs of money into their parents' lives, but how can/could their parents be proud when they doi such terrible things for attention?