Snooki Talks Second Pregnancy and the Haters

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Snooki & Lorenzo
Snooki compares her baby photo to one of son Lorenzo.
We reported earlier today that Snooki is pregnant with her second child, and has taken to her blog to share her excitement over the news, along with addressing those who don’t seem quite as thrilled for the reality star.

As for her news, Snooki says, “I just want to say HOW THRILLED we are on expecting our second child and we couldn’t be any happier. But what sucks is how it’s never our business to tell anymore. It’s always certain media that decide to tell our wonderful news BEFORE we are ready. I get it, we are on a reality show and share 98% of our lives to our fans, but with this particular situation with expecting a child has to be announced from us personally, not by some tabloid headline trying to make a quick buck.”

Due to those rumors, she’s had a lot of negativity coming her way and calls out a Complex magazine article and writer Nancy Stiles. The title read, “Snooki Expecting Second Child. God Help Us.”

This is what she had to say about that, “Really Complex? With all the trouble in this world you’re asking God to help us because I’m expanding my family and happen to be an amazing mother to my children? Keep the 2012 jokes to yourself.”

Though Snooki says her due date is around the time of her highly anticipated Gatsby–themed wedding, she doesn’t intend to change any of her plans. “I can clarify that our wedding is still on, and we are madly in love with each other,” she said. “We’ve waited long enough and cannot wait.”

The couple has been engaged since 2012, when they announced Snooki’s first pregnancy.

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