9 Paris of Hollywood Notorious Celebrity ‘Frenemies’

Hollywood gets a bad rap for being full of fake people. It’s the land of fake smiles, fake tans, and tons of fake noses. So, maintaining a long-lasting celebrity friendship can be hard work. Just ask Paris Hilton.

Paris is basically the George Clooney of gal pals–girls are eager to get to know her, but never stick around for very long. Her famous “frenemies” (friends, turned enemies) include, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, and Lindsay LohanAnd while Paris has lost her fair share of BFFs over the years, she is not the only star to suffer from Hollywood’s fickle friendships. Money, ego, and jealousy have all been contributing factors in the demise of celebrity friendships. Is fame to blame? Or do all friendships eventually run their course? Click through the gallery and decide for yourself.