Lady Gaga Got Down Like a Go-Go Dancer at an NYC Gay Bar

Go inside Lady Gaga's $22,000 a month NYC apartment.
Get those dollar bills ready New York City. Lady Gaga wants to be your new favorite go-go dancer.

Mother Monster stopped by BPM Nightclub on Friday after her show at the Roseland Ballroom and stripped down for a performance that I’m sure no one will forget anytime soon.

The visit was apparently a “surprise,” but I’m guessing Gaga can’t really go anywhere on a whim these days – especially when she’s wearing that monster of a green wig.

Following her 5th show at the historic NYC venue, Gaga showed up at the gay bar with a seashell in her hair and a floor-length jacket that was made out of either trash bags or feathers. It wasn’t long before she ditched them though and showed off her impressive backside alongside the G.U.Y.‘s onstage.

You’ve got to scroll through all the pictures above, Gaga’s booty and her willingness to have it photographed are ridiculously amazing.