Anna Kendrick’s Fairy Tale Evening on ‘SNL’

Anna Kendrick hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time on Saturday and hit the ball way out of the park. Albeit underused at times, Anna sang and danced her way into the small club of celebrities who are actually funny on live television.

Because no one has time to watch anything other than Game of Thrones today, I’ve done the hard work for you and collected my favorite moments from the night below.


Anna Kendrick + a Disney-themed sing-a-long = perfection. Anna sang her way through her monologue to the tune of “Little Town” from the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. She nailed the wide-eyed optimism of Belle, still managing to make fun of every one of the regular SNL cast members.

Unfortunately, this video isn’t available online. We’re assuming it’s because NBC wants to avoid the wrath of Micky Mouse.


Making fun of ignorant conservative political pundits always works. My only problem is not casting Anna as Elizabeth Hasslebeck. SNL really likes regulating its hosts to the smallest parts it has.


Just like her opening monologue, Anna nailed her second transformation into a Disney princess. And even though Ariel has no idea what a fork is, she loves herself some Kesha and Britney Spears. Sadly though, just like the monologue, it appears that even though this is obviously a parody, NBC is avoiding a fight with Disney by not sharing it with the world.

To hold you over until this video makes it online illegally, enjoy this photo of Aidy Bryant as Ursula.


I’ll be the first to say that I’m over being “Happy” with Pharrell Williams. The song is catchy, but I’m over it. Thankfully he also sang Marilyn Monroe” last night and reminded every one he’s got way more to offer than that song from Despicable Me 2.


The ladies of SNL are on a mission to be International Nasty Girls and they are not searching for art or tourist attractions. Oh no, they want to collect dong all over the world like sexual Pokemon. Watch closely, there’s even an Icona Pop cameo you don’t wanna miss.


Can we all agree that Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant win SNL every weekend?