From High-End to Low-End: Get This Coachella Look for Less With Celebrity Stylist Johnny Wujek

Coachella Styles
See the festival fashion statements at Coachella!
You guys!!!!! Coachella is less than a WEEK away! Can you even believe it?!

Now of course we’re all excited about the awesome music, rowdy parties and overall amazing experience… But we absolutely can’t deny one of the most important faceets when it comes to any festival: You better have your fashion game on point!

So I brought in my friend and celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek to help all of us out.

Johnny has styled everyone from Katy Perry to Kim Kardashian so I trust him in knowing how to get a girl ready for a big weekend like this one… But, after buying tickets and hotel rooms, I wanted to make sure he found some looks that won’t cost me too much more than I’ve already spent.

While most celebrities are dishing out the dough on their designer Coachella outfits, Johnny was able to dig around at Forever 21 and come up with a designer-worthy outfit for a LOT less.

Here’s what he found:

And you’re never going to believe it but the look adds up to less than $100!

Launch the video above to see how it all came together, then make sure to tell what you think about the look by leaving some comments below!

Catch the premiere of the anticipated new web series, Stylist on Set, coming soon on Johnny Wujek’s official website. Get Your SOS fix on Twitter and Instagram.