Stars Who Have Been Caught With Unintentionally Phallic Objects

Funny Faces
Hilarity ensues on the red carpet!
Remember when Shailene Woodley decided, out of the goodness of her own eccentric little heart, to bring Jimmy Fallon a horseradish while on his Tonight Show that looked…well…more like a man’s thunder down under than a herb?

Of course you do. How could you forget such a bizarre incident?

And more importantly, who else would consciously bring a *gasp!* overtly phallic object to present as a gift to someone while they are on live television?

Absolutely no one (sorry Shailene, but you really do win the Weirdest Celeb in the Best Way Possible Award).

But in terms of being spotted with accidentally phallic objects – food or not – Ms. Woodley isn’t the only one who has fallen victim to this ri-DICK-ulous dilemma (too much?)

I mean, from practically the beginning of time human beings have been able to distinguish certain shapes appearances as being similar to other “things” in life.

Which is the reason that when you’re a girl and you’ve just hit puberty and your mom puts a banana in your lunch…you eat that thing when NO ONE is watching.

Why? Because no one ever really talks about it (unless you’re a 12 year old boy) but it looks like a P-E-N-I-S.

And yeah, sometimes it can get a little awkward when you’re innocently trying to nourish your body with food and suddenly without warning, what you are eating becomes unintentionally sexual.

Which is why, naturally, I’ve made a point to gather the most awkward photos imaginable of celebrities with unintentionally phallic objects, to celebrate how weirded out we get when something resembles a mans genitalia.

Launch the gallery above for some wildly immature entertainment – come on, don’t be a weenie – just do it.