Shakira’s Finger Sign Game Is Totes Dope

Lady Gaga has her monster claw. Jay Z has his Roc Nation Illuminati hand triangle thing. Britney Spears has her hand in a bag of Cheetos. Shakira has “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” That’s the great thing about pop culture: it embraces diversity. The great thing about today’s winning captions is that they’re hilarious!

“Down came the rain and washed Blake Shelton out.” – Mikaela

“Adam Levines wanker is THIS big!” – Patti

“I’m sure it was an irish Leprechaun. .. It was this high…. Green outfit. .. big pot of gold…. ” – Luarena

“I was this close to having people understand what I just said!” – Chris

“That’s S for Shakira !” – Jemma

“Yeah its that small!!!” – Lulu

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