Inside Deets on Amanda Bynes’ Birthday Getaway in Mexico

What a difference a year can make.

Just 365 days ago, Amanda Bynes was going down a destructive path on her 27th birthday, wandering through bodegas in NYC wearing a red wig and looking like a “hot mess.”

Now, just last week she rang in the big 2-8 looking amazing in a tiny bikini in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

But despite her happier and healthy façade, according to one eyewitness, she’s still showing some skittish behavior.

According to Dannon Kuiper, who was also celebrating spring break with some fun in the sun south of the border, she spotted the actress at the Los Cabos airport with her parents on Monday on her way home, but she clearly wasn’t comfortable with the crowd.

Photo: Dannon Kuiper

“She was looking pretty freaked out by the world,” she told Celebuzz, adding that she could tell her shaved hair was on the mend and growing out.

“She was like running around hiding from people because she was flying commercial.

“She was standing in a crowd boarding the plane like totally freaking out because she probably was scared someone would recognize her,” Kuiper added.

Well, we really can’t blame her after her bizarre behavior on Twitter, in Manhattan bathrooms and on the driveway of her neighbors house landed her on the front pages of every tabloid and then in the psych ward, rehab and now under her mother’s conservatorship since being diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder last year.

“She had huge sunglasses on. [And] she was looking down the whole time,” added the eyewitness.

Two nights before, Kuiper also saw Amanda with her parents at Italian restaurant Romeo y Julieta in downtown Cabo.

Once again, she wanted to keep a low profile and apparently didn’t take her shades off the entire time.

“We saw her celebrating her birthday dinner with her parents in big sunglasses,” she added. “They didn’t do anything special because it looked like she was trying to pretend not to be there. She seemed very emotionless. Her parents were smiling, but she wasn’t.”

We totally understand it’s going to take time for her to fully recover, but the fashion student is taking some great giant leaps to get back to herself by slowing returning to Twitter and thanking her social media fans for their support, making her first public appearance at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Debut Runway Show and taking snaps of herself getting a spring break tan.

“Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes,” she posted. Photo: Twitter

“Spring break,” Amanda added. Photo: Twitter