Kristin Cavallari's Baby Bump Leads Today's Star Sightings

Kristin on Sex
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Whoa, mama!

Kristin Cavallari, who's currently expecting her second child with hubby Jay Cutler, was looking all sorts of glam at NBCUniversal's Summer Press Day on Tuesday. Sporting a nude maxi dress and white crop top, the Fabulist host was all-smiles as she flaunted her growing baby bump on the red carpet.

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  • graciesgoldstar

    last I checked she's not a legitimate celebrity and so what she's having her second child at age 27 many women do at that age some younger some older for instance Patricia Neal had her first child at 29 and fifth at 39 four girls and one boy granted only four of her children survived to adulthood the oldest died of complications of Measles age 7 in November 1962 which spurred her & her husband Roald Dahl to advocate for childhood vaccinations to prevent other families from suffering through that yet people like MS Cavallari are so vehemently against it based on faulty science. she's going to learn her error the hard way when one of her sons becomes severely ill from a childhood illness that has been diminished due to vaccines