Like Mother Like Daughter: Jessica Simpson Shares Maxwell’s Blonde Moment

When it comes to food, the Simpson girls tend to get a little confused…

Remember that time Jessica didn’t understand if Chicken of the Sea was chicken or fish?! Wellp, it looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for little Maxwell.

Jessica took to Instagram to share a hilarious and absolutely adorable photo of her toe-headed daughter with a rose petal on her tongue.  She captioned the photo, “Stop and smell the roses Maxi.  Don’t eat them!!! #rosepetaltongue.”  Very clever, Jess!

She shared another photo of her mini-me gardening with Tina Simpson, A.K.A. grandma “GiGi” with Maxi pointing up to her “kitty cat” shirt.   As cute as that is, I can’t help but focus on 54-year-old Grandma’s LEGS in those Daisy Dukes! Ow ow!

Just a few weeks ago Jessica was spotted back in her Daisy Dukes, too, after losing about 60 lbs. of post-baby weight from her pregnancy with Ace Knute.

Good “jeans” must run in the family! ;-)

Launch the gallery above for more adorable photos of Jessica Simpson & fam!