This Is Why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West May Have to Postpone Their French Wedding

Kimye may have to bid adieu to the Parisian wedding of their dreams.

Even though the superstar couple has homes from coast-to-coast, they haven’t established necessary residency in France.

Oh non! is reporting that according to French law any happy couple that wants to say “je fais” (a.k.a. “I do”) in the City of Love needs to establish a 40-day residency before the nuptials even take place.

So that means Kim Kardashian and Kanye West only have 46 days to make this happen by their reported May 24 ceremony. And somehow, we think that’s cutting it close. But Kanye did just delay the rest of his Yeezus tour, so maybe he’ll be calling Paris home for a while to write his new album.

The French Embassy in Washington D.C. further told the site the law is strict — and won’t bend — even for this Vogue cover couple: “All marriages must be performed by a French civil authority before any religious ceremony takes place. The mayor can authorize the deputy mayor or a city councilor to perform the ceremony in the town in which one of the parties to be married has resided for at least 40 days preceding the marriage. These requirements can not be waived.”

And if that isn’t enough to make anyone a bridezilla, the twosome will have even more on their wedding plate — being forced by law to plan not one, but two ceremonies.

“The religious ceremony has to be performed after the civil ceremony (never before),” added the French Embassy. “The minister, priest or rabbi will require a certificate of civil marriage before any religious ceremony takes place.”

As expected, these new developments have apparently come as a total shock to the future Mr. and Mrs., who do have a pied-a-terre in Paris, but the rapper doesn’t live there full-time.

A source revealed to the website: “Kim and Kanye were unaware until recently that France required a residency requirement prior to the marriage.”