Lana Del Rey’s ‘West Coast’ Is the Breast Coast

Public Service Announcement: Rumor has it that Queen Lana Del Rey will shortly be releasing her much-anticipated new single from Ultraviolence, “West Coast,” sometime very, very soon. This photo, taken while she was filming the music video for said song, makes me hope that the video will soon follow. Another Public Service Announcement: Today’s winning captions are awesome!

“Ermahgerd bewbs” – Storme

“Now where did I put my keys??” – Tonya

“Now nobody will noticed that I peed myself.” – Ioana

“I think I got this wet -t shirt contest in the bag” – Ernest

“oh, do my boobs taste like pepsi-cola too?” – Omeleye

“This wouldn’t happen on the East Coast. It’s too cold over there.” – Sarah

“Just checking they’re still there” – Hannah

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