Kim Kardashian Slams 6-Hour Spa Treatment Rumors, Insists She’s Not a Diva

Kardashian Rumors
Celebuzz breaks down rumors on the Kardashians.
Kim Kardashian may be a lot of things but being a diva isn’t one of them.

Taking to her blog on Tuesday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star cleared the air regarding some rumors that have surfaced regarding her latest trip to Thailand — particular one nasty one about the 33-year-old being a complete diva and requesting lengthy beauty treatments from her resort everyday.

“I see the hotel I stayed at gave quotes that I had 6-hour spa treatments daily. The hotel was gorgeous and had amazing service, but not once did I get a massage, which I’m actually pissed I didn’t do because a Thai massage I heard are the best,” she wrote. “Never once did I get a manicure or any other spa treatment. NOT ONE! So I really don’t appreciate false info making me out to be a diva.”

“Come on I was busy taking selfies all day!!! Just kidding … well not really,” she continued. “I would rather spend six hours a day with my family and daughter, not in spa treatments.”

However, North West’s mama did confess to one things that’s been circulating around the internet.

“I instagramed a pic of Thailand I found on Google thanking Thailand for the memories we had on our recent trip,” she admitted, referring to claims that she had ripped a photo off an image search engine.

She explained, defending herself, “I never claimed to have taken that pic. It was the best pic to show how pretty Thailand was. I was already home and couldn’t take a new pic … just didn’t have scenic pics on my phone! I see today people are calling me a fraud … but ummm when did I ever say I took that pic? LOL.”