Prince George Has a Play Date in New Zealand

At just 8 months old, Prince George hosted his first overseas event in his honor at Government House in New Zealand: a play date. As the future King of England, George probably spends a lot of time alone, but looked comfortable surrounded with other infants and a bunch of toys.

Tagging along on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s tour of Australia and New Zealand is the first official trip for George.

His father may have served in the British Army, but George looked Navy-ready in his sailboat overalls. Prince William made his first visit to the Government House in Wellington with his parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana when he was just 10 months old.

The children picked to play alongside Prince George were all born within a few weeks of him in July 2013. Each of the families are also first time parents, like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The families include gay couple and their daughter, a single mother and her son, and a man whose daughter is be the fourth generation of his family to meet a royal visitor.

The royal family will be in New Zealand until next Wednesday, when they will travel to Australia. There they will visit, among other places, the opening of the Bilby Enclosure at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.