Sean Penn’s Daughter Dylan Penn Nude for Treat Magazine

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Dylan and RPattz
Are Dylan Penn and Robert Pattinson and item?
Hello there Dylan Penn.

The 22-year-old is featured on the cover of Treats magazine, a quarterly magazine, and she’s baring it all.

I can’t see Dylan Penn’s father Sean Penn being too thrilled about his daughter posing nude for a magazine. I hope he took the news better than I think he probably did.

The actress opened up about embarking on a movie career in the interview for the magazine, along with posing for the magazine sans clothes in photos shot by Tony Duran.

Penn told the magazine, “I’m trying out this whole acting thing…it’s hard to say for me because I’ve rejected it my whole life until now,” she said.

“I literally can’t say it without laughing. My truest passion is writing so I continue to do that on my own while seeing what all the buzz is about being in front of the camera.”

She went on: “I start my first movie at the end of the month [Condemned] with Eli Morgan Gesner who I cannot wait to work with. I swore I would never do a horror film but when I read the script and met him I couldn’t resist, it just seemed like it would be so much fun to make and I really wanted my first experience to be just that.

“Plus, three weeks in New York…in the spring…and getting paid for it?! Fuck yes!” she added.

Launch the gallery to see more pics of Dylan Penn. You can purchase a copy of Treats magazine here.