Can You Tell the Difference Between Justin Bieber and Angelica Pickles? (And Other Funny Things)

Justin Bieber and Angelica Pickles: One is an obnoxious brat known predominately for terrorizing young children, and the other is a cartoon character from the hit Nickelodeon series Rugrats. (YA BURNT, BIEBER?) Telling them apart by things they have said is surprisingly difficult. Can you do it? Take the quiz, or just watch the video to see other people fail, because, yes, it it really is that hard. Then, continue on to see some truly disturbing celebrity face swaps and some derp-ified Disney characters.

We didn’t haunt your dreams enough yesterday, so let’s try again with these really disturbing celebrity face swaps:

Yotam Perel has created these amazing derpy Disney animations:

And on that note, I shall wish you all much joy and happiness over the coming week! See you back here next week.