Emma Stone’s Boyfriend Andrew Garfield Might Also Be a Huge Spice Girls Fan

There’s a part of me that thought I was way over Emma Stone fangirling over the Spice Girls… But once I started watching this video I realized I’m not.

First of all, let’s be honest. If any of us got to meet the Spice Girls, we’d do the exact same thing–over and over and over again.  Second, I’m obsessed with Emma Stone, and I’m obsessed with the Spice Girls, so I guess that never really gets old.

But what really got me in this video is the fact that Emma’s boyfriend Andrew Garfield proved he might have a Spice Girls obsession in him, too…

As the two Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-stars visited Capital FM radio station Wednesday, the hosts asked Emma if she knew all the words to the Spice Girls song “Stop.”  Of course, she began singing along immediately… And by her side, Andrew was bopping and singing right along with her.

Now that’s what I call love.

The video also shows Emma freaking out a little bit over video chatting Mel C. A.K.A. Sporty Spice who passed along a very important message to the actress.

Launch the video above to find out what it is!