Selena Gomez Fires Her Parents as Managers After Reuniting With Justin Bieber

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Selena Gomez has decided to part ways with her managers... Who also happen to be her parents.

The 21-year-old singer's mother Mandy Teefey and stepfather Brian Teefey have managed her since she first big break on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place.  However, after 7 years, Selena finally decided to pull the plug.

Sources tell TMZ the "Come and Get It" singer made the move last month as she feels she's outgrown her parents as managers.  She believes she is famous enough to work with a more experienced professional manager.

Another source tells E! News one of Gomez's potential options includes Katy Perry's manager Bradford Cobb.

Though Selena has had plenty of arguments with her parents over her career (and her relationship with Justin Bieber), sources said family friction was not the cause of the split.  Selena is still close with her parents, though they do not agree with her decision.

We can't help but wonder if Selena's rekindling with on-again off-again beau Justin Bieber has anything to do with her ultimate decision.  Afterall, the two situations both fall at the exact same time and the news comes right after Gomez was snapped visiting the Biebs in Miami.

What do you think? Is this just a coincidence? Or did Justin have something to do with it?  Let me know in the comments below!



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  • David B Conway
    David B Conway

    is selena gomez career is almost over for her , love david conway

  • marydtn9

    Never forget we are constantly bombarded with Media Lies and Hater BS. _Those who are nothing use BIEBER's name to make themselves relevant! _FYI: Justin has been accused of many things. ZERO convictions! _Justin Bieber is not responsible for Selina’s choices, Selina is! _I predicted Selena’s Family and BFFs ultimatums will be regretted. _Selena dumps Family, BFFs, Handlers and their agendas. Way overdue! _Together or apart, Selina Gomez and Justin Bieber will be just fine. _What a great day putting the screws to naysayers and haters. LOL

  • David B Conway
    David B Conway

    im not happy with justin bieber ,with selena gomez any more ,

  • David B Conway
    David B Conway

    i never had any personal relationship with any girl just for me ,before selena gomez , came in to the picture while back , im so sorry to all the fan,s that love,s selena gomez ,,

  • David B Conway
    David B Conway

    i just want to apologize,s to your star again , i know that she is prefect and the best movie actress , i do,nt mean to be that mean at selena gomez , just to say about her movie,s were going down hill ,im so sorry for saying that on line internet that way , i just know,n about selena gomez , career was going down hill , just when she was dating justin bieber ,the first year of ,, 2011 , i just do,nt what selena gomez , the singer and the movie actres just to HATE ME ON LINE INTERNET , LOVE DAVID ,C

  • Carl Robbins
    Carl Robbins

    Of course its all related, Selena is not a happy camper overall........she's desperately in love with that douche....wishes she could be happy.