Chrissy Teigen Talks Kim Kardashian, Amanda Bynes and Kate Middleton

Kim's Bikini Body
Kim Kardashian looks hotter than ever on her vacay.
Chrissy Teigen is pretty much my favorite person on Twitter… So, in my opinion, she can comment on whoever she wants, whenever she wants.

Today she’s putting her stamp of approval on Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton and even throwing in some kind words for Amanda Bynes.

On Kim Kardashian

Perhaps after seeing Kim’s latest bikini photos, Teigen told E! News she thinks the reality needs to get her big ol’ booty on the cover of Sports Illustrated ASAP.

“She would be fantastic,” the 28-year-old said.  “I mean if there is a swimsuit body out there it’s Kim Kardashian… My goodness!”

She continued, “I mean that’s a pretty amazing body that I would never ever have–I mean ever!  I don’t know what I can possibly do to ever have that body.  I mean there are no barre classes I can go to hard enough to ever get a waist and hips and bum like that! There’s just no way!”

On Taking Nude Pics

Though Teigen may never have a figure like Kim’s, her body is still one of the most enviable! And based upon her naked selfies on Instagram, she knows it, too.

In fact, when looking at her adorable nudies, have you ever wondered to yourself, “Who is actually TAKING these photos?!?!” Yeah.. Me too.

Well Teigen admitted, “I usualy take them myself.  John [Legend] takes lots of them.  People are always so surprised to hear that he takes the photos, but we’re together all the time so of course he takes the photos! I am not going to have his tour manager do it,” she laughed.

On Her Feud With Amanda Bynes

Chrissy was just one of the many people with whom Amanda Bynes got involved in a Twitter war, but Teigen has put it in the past and only has positive words for the Hairspray star.

“It was a one-sided feud,” she said.  “She looks happy and healthy, and I am happy to see her parents are in the picture.  Since this entire thing happened a year ago I have always wished her the best, and she seems to be in a really great place now, and you can’t want anything more for her, and you can’t wish bad upon anybody.  So I think she should just keep going cause she is on a great track now.”

On Kate Middleton

Chrissy couldn’t help but gush over Kate Middleton when E! asked about the Duchess’ pristine style.

“Oh my God! Kate has amazing style.  She keeps it very simple and very chic, not a big risk taker, but neither am I,” she explained.  “Everything she wears is perfectly tailored whether it’s from H&M or Bergdorf’s!”