Liam Hemsworth Might Regret His Split from Miley After Reading This

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See which of them are raking it in on the small screen.
As 2 Chainz would say, Miley Cyrus is laughing all the way to the bank; All Liam Hemsworth does is giggle.

In it’s latest issue, Parade has revealed celebrity salaries in it’s “What People Earn” job survey, showing that Liam only makes a teeny-tiny portion of the whopping $76.5 million Miley brought in last year.

Meanwhile, the Hunger Games star is bringing in an estimated $1.75 million.

But the ex-couple‘s salaries aren’t the only numbers the publication provides.

They estimate Beyoncé brought in around $57 million after her world tour and surprise album. We’re guessing this number is a little off, though, considering the Queen’s Mrs. Carter World Tour reportedly grossed over $180 million.

As for Justin Timberlake, whose 20/20 Experiencealbum also topped the charts last year, he raked in at an estimated $63 million in 2013.

I think my favorite one of them all, though, is Juan Pablo Galavis‘.  In a list full of multimillionaires, they estimate JPG’s salary to ring in at $150K, adding “Prior to becoming the Bachelor, he earned an estimated $40,000 promoting clubs and Venezuelan sports events.”

I mean, that’s a hell of a lot more than I’m making, but I still couldn’t help but chuckle at it nonetheless.  Perhaps he could have made a little more if he wasn’t such a douche lord?!

Now, as for the credibility of the numbers, we’ll just have to wait and see when Forbes calculates the official tallies later this year.

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