Minnie Driver Is the Latest Celeb Twitter Quitter… But She Has a Good Reason

Following in the celebrity footsteps of Adele and Demi Lovato, Minnie Driver is breaking up with social media after being taunted online took its toll.

Too often than not, celebrities get attacked by Twitter trolls just because they’re in the public eye, but the About A Boy actress isn’t going to take it any longer.

On a recent tropical holiday with her family, including 5-year-old son Henry, she was snapped by looky-loo photogs looking famously fit in a bikini. But “mean” comments from online haters went one step too far.

“I’m out of this Twittersphere for a while,” she wrote. “It’s too mean sometimes, about your body , about your soul. Not worth it.

Photo: FameFlyNet

“God some people are horrible: you try being photographed when you don’t know it’s happening, when you’re on holiday with your kids,” Driver added.

Photo: FameFlyNet

Ironically, Driver has been a long-time self-professed fanatic of the site.

“I’m mad about it!” she recently said in an interview with ABC News. “It’s where I get my news from these days … As a celebrity, it’s having a forum where you can answer the nonsensical rubbish that is written about you or not engage with that. It’s given a little bit of control back, I love it.”

At 44 years old, chances are Driver looks better than you or me, and she has always been an active A-lister, most recently promoting outdoor sports. And very rarely will you see her in a gym, she told ABC.

“I surf and I do ballet,” she revealed. “I don’t really do the gym at all.”