Johnny Depp Might Have to Testify in a Murder Trial: Report

Amber Heard rocks pink hair on the set of her newest movie.
In a move that seems more suitable for a Hollywood blockbuster based on a John Grisham novel, Johnny Depp has found himself in the middle of a very bizarre murder case in Los Angeles. Even worse, the actor was served as he walked the red carpet for his latest big screen adventure, Transcendence.

TMZ is reporting that Depp received his subpoena this week as he helped to promote his newest movie at its premiere.

It all has to do with a criminal case in which a limo driver is accused of mowing down a pedestrian in the Skid Row neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles way back in 2009. Nancy Lekon allegedly dragged the victim for a mile after hitting her, resulting in the woman’s death.

Lekon, who has pled not guilty by reason of insanity, has been charged with murder and will stand trial later this month.

Acoording to TMZ, the public defender who is representing Lekon plans to prove she was insane at the time of the killing because she told police officers at the scene that she was in a relationship with Depp. She also told them she was in the sketchy area so she could meet up with the actor.

The lawyer apparently wants to call Johnny to the stand, to prove to the jury that his client is delusional.

Whether or not Johnny will actually make an appearance isn’t clear yet, but it’ll be an interesting day in court if he does.