Fashion Flashback: The 2004 MTV Movie Awards

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P-Fac at MTV Movie Awards
Peter Facinelli attends the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.
In case you didn’t know, the MTV Movie Awards are this Sunday and the anticipation is absolutely killing us.

The night is sure to be filled with with plenty of ridiculous antics, seeing as Conan O’Brien himself is hosting this years show, and hopefully we’ll get to see some unforgettable Best Kisses too.

But in the midst of all this excitement, I find that I am – as per usual – significantly more concerned with what everyone will be wearing on the red carpet than I am with which awards will home with whom.

How’s that for a #WTF Moment? Just kidding guys – fashion is a crucial piece to the awards season puzzle – everybody knows that! (Duh).

That’s why what you chose to wear to any event, no matter the year, had better be ON POINT or it just may come back to haunt you (Sorry, Lil Kim, we just aren’t ever on your level).

That being said, this week’s edition of Friday Fashion Flashback will go 10 years backwards to the 2004 MTV Movie Awards!

Brace yourselves. There was a lot of weird garments put out in the fashion world in the 2000’s. That’s not to say that some people didn’t nail it (Ehem, Brittany Murphy) but it is definitely a blast from the past!

Launch the gallery above to see how some of our favorite stars styled themselves 10 years ago!