12 Celebs Who Have Been Asked to Prom by Fans

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It’s prom season! Time to find the perfect dress, a gorgeous hairstyle, and a dream date!

Have you ever dreamed about asking a celeb to prom? Trust us, you wouldn’t be the first! There have been a number of stars that’ve been asked to prom by high school students in need of a date.

Remember when Miley Cyrus got asked to prom via a YouTube video? Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to the prom but she invited the fan, 17-year-old Matt Peterson, to come to one of her concerts. Miley even serenaded him! Lucky guy.

YouTube seems to be the popular place for fans to get their fave celebs’ attention. Model Kate Upton was famously asked to prom over YouTube by high school senior Jake Davidson. Kate didn’t end up going, but supermodel Nina Agdal did! Nina took Kate’s place and we’re sure Jake didn’t mind at all!

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