ATTENTION: Here’s A Story You Cannot “Passover”

Rihanna & Drake Dance
The couple gets close on the dance floor.
What is one thing Drake, Natalie Portman, and Andrew Garfield all have in common?

If you said their love for matzah and Manischewitz wine, you’re close enough! Tonight marks the first night of Passover, a holy holiday in the Jewish religion in which the Jewish people use symbolic food and wine to commemorate their liberation from centuries of slavery in Egypt.

Of course, Drake, Natalie Portman, and Andrew Garfield aren’t the only hotties who hail from the Holy Land. Actors, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill, have proved that they have plenty of chutzpah to succeed in Hollywood.

Enough of the spiel, just check out the gallery of Hollywood’s famous Jewish celebs.