‘#Showerz,’ a New Miley Cyrus Record

There may be some people who do not care to have water thrown in their faces at a concert they likely paid a lot of money to attend. Me, I once had Peaches spit fake blood on me, so Miley Cyrus and her little water bottle is nothing. Plus, ya know, it’s getting warmer out, so a bit of water might feel refreshing? Refreshing, yes. Like today’s winning captions.

“Let’s get wet b*itches!” – Raquel

“here’s some water for all you thirsty, bitches!” – Michelle

“I came in like a “water bottle” I squirt you with my water bottle ..I never felt so wet before all you ever did to me was wet et et me ..” – Kerry

“Just watering the plants y’all!” – Patrick

“Who put water in my alcohol bottle!!!!??” - Valezka

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