Jimmy Fallon Seems Like an Awful Lot of Fun to Get Drunk With

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On his show he plays beer pong, but apparently an actual late night with Jimmy Fallon is much more rowdy. Twin stories in Page Six tell of Fallon’s recent late night adventures, including bar brawls and vodka shots.

Last Thursday night, Fallon was out with friends in New York City’s East Village when a fight erupted near him:

One source said, “There was some hostility from some people at the bar. Jimmy was not the aggressor, but he was caught up in it. It was broken up and Jimmy and his friends immediately left.”

And then, the next night, Fallon was out making friends in Chelsea. Page Six has video of Fallon buying the entire bar a round of vodka shots as he dances to “Runaround Sue.”

“He knows the owner of the bar,” a fellow patron told Page Six. “I tried to buy him a shot, but he says he doesn’t do shots, so I bought him a beer. I guess so many other people were offering to buy him a shot, that he just bought the whole bar a shot of vodka.”