Andrew Garfield In the Buff: ‘I Love Being Naked’

Who Is Andrew Garfield?
Meet the rising star who's hitting up Hollywood in a big way.
Lucky for Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield is quite comfortable wearing only his birthday suit.

Garfield revealed to Metro that he’s all for nudity. “I love being naked. It’s important to be naked and be in touch with our bodies and not have shame about what we’re made of.”

He went on to say, “I love being in touch with nature and my own nature.”

He’s apparently also a fan of nude beaches. I guess that pretty much goes hand in hand with loving being naked.

He also said, “I love hanging out on nude beaches, yes, because I just love being naked. I’d be naked all the time if I could be.”

Now if he’d just let us know which beaches he hangs out at, he’d make us all just a little bit happier.