Tracy Morgan Is Worried About Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan
On 30 Rock, Tracy Morgan played the unstable Tracy Jordan with such gusto that it's hard not to get the two confused. So when the real life Tracy Morgan thinks you've gone off the rails, it's a real cause for concern.

Morgan tells the New York Times that he's "worried" about his former 30 Rock co-star Alec Baldwin.

"He was concerned about the structure of my life, and now I’m concerned about the structure of his life. He’s getting fired from TV shows. He had about six fights since we left 30 Rock, you know. I’m worried about him. I mellowed out, my daughter mellowed me out, and I don’t get mad at anyone."
Since 30 Rock ended, Baldwin has used a slew of anti-gay slurs, been fired from his MSNBC show, publicly "quit" fame and offered to fight anyone with a New York Post press pass.

But Morgan has some advice for Baldwin: "Chill out, raise your family and enjoy your wife and your daughter. The paparazzi do what they do, man. They have a job, too."



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  • Michael P. Shipley
    Michael P. Shipley

    Some people are fighters, some people are wimps. Alec is a fighter. Its in his DNA. Society needs heros who fight against evil, and paparazzi have become evil. They provoke, insult, violate your privacy and property, and endanger your safety. Alec fights back, he's a real man and does what real men do. They dont take shit, they dont let you mess with them or their family. Most people are sheep and let people walk all over them. Alec isnt a sheep.


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