Tuesday Ten: 10 Fabulous Celebrity Coachella Styles

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Coachella Celeb Selfies
Celebuzz's exclusive 2014 Coachella selfie pics!
As I told you on Friday, while the music and arts might be the biggest part of Coachella, we can’t deny that the fashion plays a huge role, too.

The first weekend of the festival was packed with stars who brought their a-game when it came to getting styled (and taking selfies).

Queen of Coachella Vanessa Hudgens looked fabulous in each of her gypsy-esq looks, while Kendall Jenner rocked some super chic bohemian styles (with the exception of an awkwardly-large nose ring).  Selena Gomez looked sultry in a see-through dress, and Beyoncé brought her stylish ways to a surprise performance on stage.

So for today’s edition of Tuesday Ten, I’ve picked out my top festival style picks from the weekend and counted down my faves  in the video above!

Check it out then let me know: Which style was your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!