Lady Gaga Is #1 on the Charts of Amazing Facial Expressions

Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP may not have become the biggest album of 2013, but this particularly derpy expression means the Lady is still #1 in our hearts. Where it counts. And in second place (in our hearts)? Today’s winning captions, of course.

“I was born this way.” – Candi

“Whoa my meat suit has gone bad. that’s just nasty!” – Kerry

“Just watched the video of me getting vomited on” - Jessica

“this is my serious face ya’ll” – Jemma

“How you doin’?” – Matthew

“I don’t like this type of public transit.” – Nancy

“i woke up like this” – Kc

“Look at me. I’m Miley!!!” – Fred

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Image Source: Gaga Daily