Courtney Stodden Hangs Out With Her Estranged Husband

Could it be? Could the couple that shocked the world be heading for a reconciliation?!

Teen bride near-divorcee Courtney Stodden -- in a low-plunging top, natch -- and her estranged husband, Doug Hutchison, were spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, Calif., this Tuesday. The couple, who announced their split last November after two years of marriage, reportedly did a little bit of shopping around the area.

Previously, Stodden, who married Hutchison when she was just 16, said that she separated with the Green Mile actor because she didn't want to spend her 20s being tied down to someone.

"I want to be free and embrace my independence and not neglect my youth," she told E! News.

Though they still maybe be "legally separated," the duo are still living in close proximity to each other. Like, next door neighbor type of close.

"She moved into the studio apartment next door to the house she and Doug rented together. But Doug still lives in the main house," a source told Celebuzz. "They’re not divorced yet, so she’ll stay there until they figure out how they want to proceed with things."

So basically we have a Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie situation on our hands, right?



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  • keiraknows

    After four years of trying to break into show business but without developing any discernible and outstanding talent, it would be cool if she had some kind of marketable skill, anything. She doesn't even have a driver's license. I think that Doug is a very good actor, and it would be nice if he could recover his career.

  • Seppie

    They are not living next door to each other. They still live in the same apt, as evident by her selfies and that same dirty bathroom. And they are not legally separated. They filed nothing with the courts. Enough of this farce. They both look like trash. Those jeans look ridiculous on her. She doesn't have a seamstress?