NEW PICS: Mila and Ashton Take Her Baby Bump to Louisiana

As news broke today that parents-to-be Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are expecting a bouncing baby girl, they opted to escape the media glare by jetting off to small town Louisiana, Celebuzz has learned, where they probably hoped no one would notice two of Hollywood's biggest A-listers were passing through.

But they were wrong.

Mila just had to satisfy her pregnancy cravings by hitting up local eateries for burritos and carne asada. Locals in Slidell, Louisiana got a little taste of Tinseltown when the future Mrs. and Mrs. Kutcher walked through the door of Tacos & Beer on Tuesday.

“At first people were in awe,” employee Kelsey Kinkton told CB!

Kinkton had never seen the celebs in the area before, although the twosome are just a mere 30 miles from New Orleans.

“They were super sweet and took photos with some fans," she added. "Some people followed them inside, but once they sat down they left them alone.”

In fact, Kinkton couldn’t even tell the 30-year-old actress was pregnant.

“I’m very pregnant and she looks like a skinny minny,” she added.

The lovebirds were also spotted at a nearby Winn Dixie grocery store picking up a few bags of necessities donning their usual casual denim duds, with Mila still trying to cover up her growing baby bump in an oversized long-sleeve black sweater and that mommy-to-be glow.

Check out the happy couple on their Louisiana getaway in the CB! gallery above.



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  • sparkleandshine

    I live in Covington, across the lake from New Orleans, and celebrities are always here filming movies! That's the nice thing about Louisiana, we see them, take a few pictures and then leave them alone! It's all about hospitality!

  • Slidellians Clickhere
    Slidellians Clickhere

    Here they are here in Downtown Covington sporting his New Orleans Saints shirt.

  • Laggie Lou McCrackin
    Laggie Lou McCrackin

    His sister lives about 1 mile from that store. He is filming a movie in the area and staying at his sisters home while filming. No huge really, I saw him jogging in the area and gave 2 craps less he was here. We see famous people in slidell all the time.

  • graciesgoldstar

    Bouncing usually proceeds baby boy not baby girl. what the hell are these two doing in Louisiana unless she's promoting her movie Jupiter Ascending. it's completely different when one of the parents was born in Louisiana and still has family that lives in the state as for example Tim McGraw & Faith Hill spending Thanksgiving 1996 with his family near New Orleans at which point she was three months pregnant with their oldest daughter Gracie who was born May 5th 1997 at full term but considered low birth weight at only 4lbs 14oz. lets hope Ashton & Mila's baby isn't born of low birth weight