Chelsea Handler Says She Would “Never Go to CBS”

Chelsea Handler is on Ellen today where she very clearly puts an end to the rumors that she’s circling a gig as the new host of The Late Late Show, replacing Craig Ferguson. “I would never go to CBS,” Handler says.

The rumor actually began on Handler’s own Instagram feed, after she posted a photo of herself with her dog Chunk, holding a stack of papers with the CBS logo clearly visible. “Business meeting,” the photo’s caption reads.

There was already some speculation that Handler was in talks to move to CBS after she made it clear that she was ending her run on E! when her contract expires at the end of the year. But the talk reached a fever pitch when Handler posted the photo above. But, as she explains on Ellen, the meeting was about something completely unrelated, and Handler is not interested in the Late Late Show gig.

CBS has also been quick to put an end to the rumors, issuing a statement about the meeting. “There are no discussions with Chelsea Handler regarding the network’s 12:30 late night broadcast; her meeting with CBS yesterday was a general meeting with our syndication group,” the network said.

In fact, Handler is making it clear that she’s not interested in replacing anyone at any job that currently exists.

On Ellen, Handler is more specific, saying network TV is not the place for her. “My mouth? What would they do with me there? I would never be on a regular network. I would never do that to my fans or to myself or to the network.”

“I enjoy bad things,” she goes on to say. “I’m a bad girl, and who wants to reel me–I mean, I wouldn’t want to reel me in, that wouldn’t be fun for anyone.”

As for the man who is headed to CBS? Handler says she thinks Stephen Colbert is a good choice to take over after David Letterman retires. “His fake persona is more respected than my real persona,” she jokes to Ellen DeGeneres.