EXCLUSIVE: Kim Zolciak Talks Raising Her Kids in the Limelight

Kim Zolciak has witnessed her fair share of drama after becoming famous on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  So how does she plan on keeping her family of eight out of all the drama, tabloids and nonsense that goes along with it?

I spoke exclusively to the reality star mama who told me how she parents her children, including her 5-month-old twins, in the limelight.

“I make sure to spend a lot of time with my girls,” Kim told me, talking more specifically about her older daughters Brielle, 17, and Ariana, 12.  “We always eat dinner together every night and breakfast every Saturday and Sunday.”

She explained how the older girls–since they’re really the only ones who understand it right now–stay very humble despite all the publicity.  They know that this is just a fun ride, but no matter what, “family comes first.”

Not to mention, Mom makes sure to keep an eye on them.

“I watch them like a hawk,” she told me.  “Their phones are off by 11 and don’t turn back on until 7.”

But sometimes parents aren’t the only influence on teenage girls.  Kim says she used to want her daughters to look up to Disney stars as role models… But then they “all grew up,” and she quickly changed her mind.  (Perhaps a reference to Miley Cyrus’ drastic transformation?)

She does admit, though, that her daughter Ariana still has a thing for Justin Bieber… (She’s still young).

As for Kim’s #1 rule when it comes to parenting?  “Honesty is the best policy,” she told me.

Kim is currently celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Mama Walker’s breakfast-inspired liqueur line and recently announced she will be continuing her RHOA spin off show Don’t Be Tardy.