James Franco Has Some Harsh Words for One Theater Critic

The many pursuits of this diverse actor

James Franco just called one theater critic a “little bitch” on social media!

Franco took to his Instagram page Thursday to post a picture of his new play Of Mice and Men. That seems pretty harmless, but it’s what he wrote below the picture that has everyone talking!

Underneath the post, Franco put a link to a great review of the play from Variety. However, after the link he went on to bash the New York Times theater critic Ben Brantley for giving Franco and Of Mice and Men a less-than-specatcular review. In his review, Brantley wrote, “Though he sports a Yosemite Sam accent, Mr. Franco is often understated to the point of near invisibility.” Ouch!

In the Instagram post Franco wrote, “Sadly Ben Brantley and the NYT have embarrassed themselves. Brantley is such a little bitch he should be working for Gawker.com instead of the paper of record. The theater community hates him, and for good reason, he’s an idiot.”

Franco has since taken the post with the harsh comments down, but a screenshot was captured and poster on Twitter by Vanity Fair columnist Richard Lawson. Check out the post below!


What do you think of Franco’s reaction? Do you think he was right to lash out? Sound off in the comments!