Naya Rivera vs Lea Michele?

Naya Rivera Strips
Naya Rivera plays strip poker for 'Complex' magazine.
I think we have a little insight in to why Naya Rivera suddenly disappeared on Glee.

TMZ reported that Naya and Lea Michele had a major blowout about on set behavior, with one of them storming out as a result.

TMZ’s report stated that Naya apparently had it up to there with Lea’s on set antics, like having everyone wait around to shoot a scene. Rivera apparently went and told the producers that Lea was pissing EVERYONE off. When Lea got to set she heard that Naya went to producers and she was not happy.

Well this version of the story is just not true. Lea and Michele didn’t even work together the day of Naya’s blowup with one of the producers, so there was no reason whatsoever that Naya would be pissed with Lea.

So while Naya may have been upset as heck over something, it didn’t have anything to do with Lea Michele.