Why Some of Hollywood’s Hottest Chicks Are Flying Solo

Nicki's Shower Selfies
Nicki Minaj just live-Instagrammed her shower.
As a woman myself, generally when I think of the most rich and famous females in the biz – take Ellie Goulding for example – I picture this girl having it all.

The perfect career. The perfect house. The perfect car. The perfect boyfriend…oh wait, no wait, she’s not dating anyone right now. She’s actually single. WEIRD.

Right? Wrong. And here’s why…

We live in a culture where women are trained at a young age to believe that if they don’t have a boyfriend or a husband, then it is their fault and they’re not normal.

We facilitate this in the things we say about other women being single for “too long” or the way we make a big deal out of people’s relationships ending – specifically celebrities.

Being “single” in Hollywood continually gets attention for all the wrong reasons and because of this I thought it was time to finally praise these women who could (and okay fine, mostly DO) have it all, but are confident enough to wait out the loneliness of being single and be on their own for a while.

So if you’re still asking yourself why stars like Katy Perry and Camilla Belle are without boyfriends, the reason isn’t because they aren’t good enough for them, it’s because they’re fine without them.

SURPRISE! You can be beautiful, talented, smart and still not need a man in your life.

I mean, if Eva Mendes is alive and well without Ryan Gosling by her side, we know that being single MUST not be that bad after all.

And it automatically makes you look independent and sexy.

Really now, what could be better?

Launch the gallery above to see which women in Hollywood don’t need another half to make them whole.