10 of the Worst Celebrity Attempts at Music Careers

There seems to be some underground secret right of passage going on in Hollywood for a number of actors, actress, and reality TV personalities.

Unsurprisingly Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are leading the pack – and no, it doesn’t have to do with making your own perfume – but nice guess!

We clearly missed the memo, but apparently once you have achieved a certain amount of fame, you must then attempt a music career…and promptly bomb it.

Alright fine, to be fair – if I was famous in Hollywood I would probably get to thinking that I could do it all too.

Take James Franco for example, he’s a guy who is an author, director, teacher, painter and actor all in one, and he has been pretty successful in all of these professions.

But alas, like most things, while some stars can get away with this, other celebs just don’t make the cut. (Sorry we’re not sorry, Farrah Abraham)

We have to admit though, we are glad they tried, otherwise what else would we spend all afternoon rolling on the floor laughing at?

Click through the gallery above to see the worst celeb attempts at music careers!

*BONUS* - We put links to their music videos too…you’re welcome.