One Does Not Find Kate Middleton ‘Sharting’ Jokes Amusing

Just kidding! I lied! Jokes about Kate Middleton sharting are actually kind of amusing, but look: we’re all mature adults here, and so we’re going to keep it classy and act like we’re above it, even though we’re not. And hey, many of today’s winning captions managed to not be about that troublesome digestive issue. In that way, we’re all royals.

“Maybe if I hold this bat, People won’t realize I need to go to the Toilet” – Nicky

“Where will you be when diarrhea strikes?” – Ryan

“the things i do for my Mother in law!!!!!!” – Nicky

“Oh no that was the queen. Oh no that’s gonna leave a mark. I’m screwed.” – Carrie

“Act like a lady..hit like a man!” – Stephanie

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